Zello Launches Panic Button Feature

AUSTIN, TX—With the renewed focus on the safety of workers—and some municipalities passing laws requiring additional safety measures—push-to-talk voice messaging service Zello has launched Emergency Alerts, its new panic-button feature. 

“Businesses with employees away from the desk, on the road, or in the field use Zello to instantly connect their teams,” said Bill Moore, Zello CEO. “These employees all have one thing in common: They work alone or in potentially dangerous situations. Wanting to protect their employees no matter where they are, our customers asked us for a panic button. So, we developed Emergency Alerts as a simple way for workers to alert their teams about the nature and location of any emergency with the single press of a button.”

ZelloWork users in crisis situations can now press a button to send (with high priority) both their location and an audio recording to a designated emergency channel. Doing so immediately shares the nature and details of the emergency to all parties who should know and can then respond accordingly.

“The bottom line is that Zello’s Emergency Alerts feature keeps hospitality workers safe, giving them peace of mind and the ability to appear professional, no matter what happens,” he said. “Throughout their workday, staff members move from room-to-room, walking from guestrooms to the front of the house and then sometimes to the back of the house, encountering all kinds of people and situations. Some hospitality workers also drive guests to and from hotels, airports and points of interest, facing the dangers of road travel. With Emergency Alerts, hospitality staff instantly notify their team about the details and location of any emergency. Assistance arrives fast, and Emergency Alerts immediately records audio and location, creating a valuable record of any emergency.”