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What Should We Do? Tastemakers Tell You

NEW YORK—What should we do? It’s a common question. For hotels without a concierge, it’s also a challenge. Tony Award-winning theater producer Arielle Tepper Madover has a solution.

“It’s always something I’ve been interested in. When I was a student living in London, I bought a copy of Time Out London and it became my go-to. I would immediately turn the page and see the dance section. I saw seven shows and…started producing, and it was easy for me to buy a ticket in London,” said Tepper Madover. “It felt much harder in New York, and over the years, thinking about accessibility and planning…it’s kept people away.”

Tepper Madover experienced what many out-of-towners experience, wanting to go out tonight to see a show and not knowing where to start or even whom to ask.

“It was like you needed to have friends in every field—art, music, restaurants, etc.—and not a professional, but someone who really thought about it and loved that world the way I love theater,” she said. “Someone who could give one central place to go see this show if you have three kids under the age of 10, or a play for a romantic night—even alternative dance or something really simple.”

Her travel platform, What Should We Do, is free to download and there’s a monthly fee to gain access. This month, it will be available as an app on mobile devices through Apple’s IoS.

“Everything is monthly. I don’t want to advertise and make recommendations based on who pays me. I want you to have the best experience,” she said. “We have tastemakers in every field. They give us recommendations and we pass them along to the client. We’re always getting up-to-date information from people who work in their field. We will create itineraries and make a plan based on what people are looking for and we make the reservation for you.”

While the platform is still in its infancy, Tepper Madover has seen the fruits of her labor at work.

“We had a woman who came to us in need of plans for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. She has a child with special needs and wanted to watch the parade. She said to me, ‘I don’t know what to do. He’s 11 and can’t be outside in the cold for that long.’ We ended up making a reservation at a restaurant in the Time Warner Center with a view. He drank hot chocolate with the whole family and had the best day ever imagined,” she said. “This is a service that is affordable and for everybody. We personalize it and share what we love about New York City with our clients.”

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