Westin’s Bedtime Call Helps Guests Get More Sleep

NEW YORK—As technology advances have made nearly every aspect of life easier, things have become complicated and stressful in other ways. People are hyper-connected but feeling isolated, and all that constant checking of Facebook likes, texts and Snapchats have many craving a break from the new norm.

Opportunities to catch up on much-needed sleep are what travelers are seeking, and Westin Hotels & Resorts is stepping in to help. As established stewards of a good night’s sleep—the brand first introduced the Heavenly Bed to its hotels 15 years ago—they know a thing or two about the importance of rest and how it impacts the guest experience. As a point of differentiation in the increasingly crowded wellness segment, Westin sought to deliver an experience that brings the brand’s philosophy to life through six well-being pillars: Feel Well, Work Well, Move Well, Eat Well, Sleep Well and Play Well.

“These pillars, programs and partnerships comprehensively address how wellness is integrated into consumers’ lives and does so in way that touches guests before, during and after their stay,” said George Fleck, VP of global brand management, Westin, Renaissance, Le Meridien. “Most recently, the brand unveiled its first global campaign in more than five years, taking on the disruptions, distractions and unpredictability of travel, and empowering travelers to regain control of their well-being routines while on the road. Aptly named Let’s Rise, it serves as more of a rallying cry than a brand campaign, given today’s over-scheduled and always-on culture.”

While pulling an all-nighter may have been admired in the past, there is a new generation of thought leaders, tastemakers and travelers taking a stand to save their right to rest; and Westin is supporting that, explained Fleck. Instead of leaning in or playing hard, guests are encouraged to lie down. The brand is offering a new amenity, Bedtime Call, that is a twist on the traditional wake-up call, serving as a friendly reminder to get ample shut-eye.

“A similar program to the Bedtime Call has been offered at The Westin New York at Times Square after the hotel’s general manager observed business and leisure travelers scheduling wake-up calls for hours that definitely weren’t allowing them enough sleep,” said Fleck. “With the pilot of this Bedtime Call, the brand aims to help guests regain control of their sleep schedule, perhaps inspire a new sleep regimen, and challenges travelers with the question Will You Get Up, or Will You Rise?”

How does Westin know when to tell guests to call it a night? They asked the expert. In an effort to further raise awareness surrounding the benefits of sleep, the brand partnered with the World Sleep Society (WSS). Dr. Clete Kushid, president of WSS, advises at least seven hours of sleep each night. Kushid also noted that length isn’t the only measure of a quality night’s sleep, as a truly restorative night of rest depends on continuity and depth.

“Bedtime Call gives travelers the option to schedule a restful reminder for when they should turn- n and power down. Guests can opt in upon request through the Westin Service Express team, who will schedule the call. The call time is based on when a guest needs to be up the following morning, as well as recommendations from World Sleep Society,” he said. “Even for guests who don’t opt for the amenity, we recently introduced a complimentary bedside Sleep Well Lavender Balm, which is infused with calming oils of lavender and chamomile, for every guest the first night they arrive. Guests can also order from Westin’s Sleep Well in-room dining menu. Recommended by the experts at SuperFoodsRx, the carefully curated bites are all packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals to promote a night of proper rest and recovery.”

Bedtime Call launched on World Sleep Day and will be available through the end of April, at properties around the world. In addition to championing a good night’s sleep, the brand has implemented other wellness initiatives for guests.

“This year, Westin will continue to evolve and implement initiatives that reflect the multifaceted Let’s Rise campaign—from early morning fitness regimens, to like-minded holistic partnerships, to big moments that emphasize the importance of finding time to revitalize with an incredible night’s sleep, and many more—so that guests can reflect their at-home lifestyle while staying at any one of our hotels and resorts around the world,” he concluded.