West Virginia Motel 6 Gets ‘Phoenix’ Renovation

CROSS LANES, WV—Motel 6 has completed the renovation of a property here at 330 Goff Mountain Road, bringing the brands Phoenix prototype design to the property.
The prototype design ncludes a modernized interior, European boutique-style guestroom, wood-effect laminate flooring, 32-inch, flat-screen televisions and granite bathroom countertops.

The guestroom design features bright accent colors, ambient lighting, and a pedestal bed that complements the room’s design. Guestrooms also are equipped with a multi-media panel with A/V plug-ins for mp3 players, video game systems and laptop computers; Wi-Fi internet access; and a settee/banquette area for two.
The design also incorporates a number of environment-friendly features. The Cross Lanes property utilizes Motel 6’s current energy management practices, including the disposal of hazardous waste with a fluorescent lightbulb and battery recycling program and reduced water consumption with low-flow aerators for faucets and shower heads and 1.1 gallon low-flow toilets. The wood-effect laminate flooring is made of 80% pre-consumer recycled material.
Motel 6 locations in select markets around the country are being renovated with elements of the new prototype.