Wellness Ambassador Wants JW Marriott’s Guests to be Fulfilled

BETHESDA, MDJW Marriott Hotels & Resorts has partnered with health and wellness expert Nora Tobin, who now serves as the brand’s new wellness ambassador.

“We are excited to welcome Nora Tobin as JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts’ wellness ambassador, arming our guests with a variety of ways to live well while traveling,” said Mitzi Gaskins, VP/global brand manager of JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts. “JW Marriott guests are passionate about wellness, seeking balance and new, innovative approaches that incorporate well-being into their daily routine.”

Tobin is ready to help travelers maintain their well-being on the road. “Wellness is such an important component to our daily routines, as well as in the midst of travel,” she said. “Everyone wants to stay in the best possible shape while traveling, and I think that hospitality brands are listening to the wants and needs of their guests. It is very challenging to maintain a healthy routine while on the move, so any sort of programming at hotels that encourages well-being and assists guests in making healthy decisions will receive a positive reception.”

The brand and Tobin have designed a series of guest experiences rolling out throughout 2018. “Throughout my partnership with JW Marriott, I teach guests core elements based on Fulfillment in 3: Fitness (short, efficient workouts/yoga routines); Nutrition (the eight-hour eating window and clean cocktails); and mindset (efficient strategies to manage stress and improve sleep),” she said. “These key elements are woven throughout the partnership and are heavily incorporated into the wellness retreats that we recently launched at various JW Marriott properties.”

Those retreats began recently at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ, the first of five slated to run through April at properties in Los Cabos, Mexico; Austin, TX; Desert Ridge in Phoenix; and Marco Island, FL. They offer experiences, from customized fitness coaching sessions to daily well-being seminars and off-property excursions, to luxury spa treatments and curated in-room amenities.

“Guests who participate in the JW Marriott retreat will receive tailored strategies and actionable steps that they can follow after the retreat ends,” said Tobin. “This includes workouts/yoga routines that can be done anywhere, accompanied by the Peak by JW videos that can be accessed in-room, as well as online from their own home after they check out.”

Tobin leads guests in a breathing exercise.

Tobin leads guests in a breathing exercise.

Each guest will also receive Tobin’s  book, featuring the Kale, Cardio and Cocktails program, JW Marriott retreat recipes, ‘Fulfilment in 3’ workshops, a guided journal and specific tools to implement into their routine. “The book will be used throughout the retreat, utilizing the specific strategies that make up the program, such as intention setting, matcha coconut coffee to support the eight-hour window, and fitness/nutrition strategies that are sustainable,” she said.

In addition to the retreats, guests of select properties can access a series of videos ranging from yoga to mindfulness to HIIT filmed on-location at JW Marriott resorts. Powered by FitnessOnDemand, these videos are accessible in-room on demand at select properties, as well as available to all JW Marriott guests on the brand’s website. These videos—ranging from three to 30 minutes in length—are tailored to a variety of fitness levels.

Another aspect of the wellness program has been added to meeting and events programming. With Tobin digitally leading them, a series of well-being active meeting breaks and group activities are available. Also, in collaboration with JW Marriott culinary teams, properties will feature a collection of Tobin-recommended healthy menu items curated from JW Marriott Event Menus.

Also on the culinary side, smoothies and juices crafted by the wellness expert have been added to the in-room menu for guests. “All of the menu items and smoothies are super healthy, but also delicious,” she said. “They don’t feel like typical bland diet foods, which is key. The clean smoothies and juices that are offered deliver an array of essential nutrients and are perfect to take while on the go.”

Retreat guests also receive healthy goodies. ”Each attendee will receive a gift box upon arrival filled with a few of my favorite healthy snacks, including dark chocolate (which is packed with antioxidants that prevent aging), my nutrient-dense ‘busy bars’ that are filled with healthy energy boosting ingredients and a handful of my go-to recipes,” she said.

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