Welcome back, Adam!

I’m happy to announce here that Adam Perkowsky has joined the editorial staff of the ICD Hospitality Group, which is made up of both the Hotel Business and InspireDesign media brands. You may be thinking that you’ve heard that name before. If so, you have a good memory. You see, this is not Adam’s first stint working with us. He first came to our group in 2014 as senior copy editor, and after leaving in 2016 in to relocate to Florida with his wife, continued to write some articles for Hotel Business on a freelance basis. Now, he’s back with us full time, working remotely from his home office in Florida, and will contribute to both titles, print and digital, as well as face-to-face at industry conferences and trade shows.

Adam started his career more than 30 years ago while still in college, juggling classes while meeting deadlines for a weekly publication covering horse racing. From there, he worked for weeklies and dailies covering such diverse topics as football, basketball, fashion and beauty. Coming from a fast-pace publishing career, Adam quickly learned the hospitality industry and used his copyediting skills to ensure accuracy across all of our platforms.

“When I left Hotel Business for the first time, I felt like I was leaving my second home,” Adam told me recently. “Now, I feel like I’ve returned home.”

We’re happy that you have. Welcome back!