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WCG Hotels Partners with Toys for Tots

SANTA MONICA, CA—WCG Hotels (Windsor Capital Group) has agreed to partner with Toys for Tots for the sixth year.

Through Jan. 3WCG Hotels will offer a Toys for Tots room rate, which donates $10 to the charity from a guest’s stay at any WCG hotel.

In addition to the special room rate, the WCG Hotel portfolio will offer guests other ways to support Toys for Tots, including a Give & Go Toy Drive where guests and community members can drop off a toy at the front of the hotel and enjoy complimentary coffee and hot chocolate, along with a restaurant promotion “Tots for Tots” appetizer where hotels will offer a special appetizer with dipping sauces, and donate proceeds to the charity.

Toy collection boxes also will be available at each hotel, and guests can either drop off their own toy, choose to buy a toy from the hotel for $10, or contribute to the hotel’s Spare Change Drive. WCG Hotels will also be featuring different activities on its Facebook page, including a “Guess the Tots” promotion and a “Best Tots Box” competition among hotels, and will also give Facebook fans an opportunity to win an overnight stay.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Toys for Tots for the sixth year in a row,” stated Paul Francisco, COO at WCG Hotels. “Giving back to our communities around the holidays helps ease the stress endured by children who are less fortunate and is something our WCG Team looks forward to.”

Toys for Tots is a nonprofit public charity, implemented in 1947 by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, dedicated to delivering new toys to underprivileged children to help make their holiday brighter.

Windsor Capital Group is a hotel management and development company that owns and operates full-service, upscale branded hotels throughout the United States, with most flying the Embassy Suites and Marriott flags. It also runs Windsor Management Services.

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