Urban Spaces Art Hotel Opens in Ibiza

IBIZA TOWN, IBIZA—Urban Spaces Art Hotel opened here as the first dedicated art hotel in Ibiza. The 15-room hotel is the vision of owner Ira Francis, who was inspired by New York City’s Carlton Arms Hotel and its history of urban art.

Each wall of the hotel has become a canvas for art. Francis collaborated with artists such as INKIE, who was recently been named in the Arts and Culture Power List of Bristol; Lauren Baker, who has exhibited her work at Tate Modern, London Design Festival and in Harrods; and  Nicolas Dixon, who has exhibited in France, New York and most recently at a solo exhibition in the United Kingdom.

According to Francis, the hotel is a never-ending project and continues to invite more artists to make their mark there. “It’s never going to be finished; the rooms are going to continue to morph and guests will be able to see the artists in action. This is not just a hotel, it’s an art project.”