Universal Points Launches Within Hospitality Industry

LOS ANGELES—Universal Points, an alternative loyalty program, has launched in the hospitality industry with more than 125 participating properties as part of its network.

According to the company, it is the fastest growing rewards program for independent boutique and lifestyle hotels worldwide.

“Our mission is to drive direct bookings and improve the travel experience by bringing independent hotels and guests closer together with basic principles of simplicity, flexibility and transparency,” stated James Gancos, CEO and founder of Universal Points. “Our belief is that true hotel loyalty happens between one hotel and one guest, and we want to facilitate and maintain that outcome. The key to Universal Points is we allow the hotels to know the customer on a personal level and maintain valuable relationships.”

The program works by giving guests 5% of what they spend at a Universal Points hotel back as a reward through PayPal or Virtual Visa after their stay, as long as they book direct with the hotel and not through an online travel agency.