Uniguest Partners with Google to Deploy Google Chrome Devices in Hotels

AUSTIN, TX—Uniguest and Google have partnered to deploy devices powered by Google Chrome OS in hotels across the world. The announcement was made at a press conference at HITEC.

“This partnership ushers in a new era in how hotels provide their guests with secure and easy access to technology—at a price that is far below what is typical for this level of service,” said Paul Payette, VP of global business development at Uniguest. “We are gearing up for rapid and broad deployment of these Google Chrome solutions, as demand is likely to be very strong.”

Uniguest will install, set up and manage the following user-friendly, secure and affordable technology devices powered by the Google Chrome operating system: Uniguest Chromebase for public-use computers provides access to the Internet, basic productivity software and cloud-enabled printing; Uniguest Chromebase Kiosks, in which terminals are set up to handle a variety of dedicated uses, such as printing boarding passes and interacting with hotel loyalty programs; Uniguest Chromebox for Digital Signage, which makes it easy to display and instantly update digital content—including large video files—to one screen in one location, or to a network of screens all over the world; and Uniguest Chromebox for Meetings, a video conferencing kit powered by Google Hangouts and managed by Uniguest, which allows up to 10 locations to collaborate at one time from the device of their choice.

These devices are managed from the centralized, web-based Chrome management platform.