Uniguest and Google Partner for Cost-Efficient, Guest-Facing Tech

AUSTIN, TX—In order to provide secure, affordable technology for hotels—that’s easy to use for guests—Uniguest has partnered with Google to deploy devices powered by Google Chrome OS in hotels.

“Uniguest provides fully managed solutions that help hoteliers offer secure, technology-based services that guests value. In addition to our proprietary solutions, this partnership allows us to easily expand our portfolio of secure, reliable guest-facing technology solutions with a world recognized technology brand,” said Paul Payette, VP of global business development at Uniguest. “More specifically, Google’s Chrome platform and suite of solutions has created the next generation of simple and affordable technology for hotel guests that opens up the door for us to serve hotel properties of all sizes, with a wider portfolio of secure, managed technology solutions.

“Guests and meeting planners want reliable, secure access to all of the business-centric and convenience technologies they need while traveling,” continued Payette. “Three solutions that directly satisfy these needs include Uniguest Chromebase for public-use computers, which provide secure, lightning-fast access to the Internet, productivity software and cloud-enabled printing. Uniguest Chrome Solutions for digital signage help guests stay informed of flight statuses, hotel events, local dining and attractions through strategically placed static and interactive on-property digital signage. To add value to on-property meetings, business professionals have access to Google Hangouts powered by Chromebox for Meetings to instantaneously videoconference and collaborate, with powerful in-call applications, with up to 15 participants anywhere in the world.” Uniguest will also install, set up and manage Uniguest Chromebase Kiosks, in which terminals are set up to handle a variety of dedicated uses, such as printing boarding passes and interacting with hotel loyalty programs. All of the devices can be managed from the centralized, web-based Chrome management platform.

Payette noted that there are several benefits to hoteliers that stem from this partnership. “For every Uniguest-offered and deployed solution for hoteliers, we make it easy to offer as we directly manage every single aspect of getting the solution procured, installed, set-up and running. We then back this up with our highly trained in-house 24/7/365 technical support team, the UCrew, who handles any instance of service interruptions, with all issues handled on the first call and in a matter of minutes, which ensures the reliability and uptime of the guest-facing solution,” he said.

He noted that Uniguest also blocks inappropriate sites and malware, and completely deletes all information at the conclusion of the session to protect guest data. “It also protects the hotelier’s solution by keeping out viruses, hackers and any outside interference which ensures the systems are only used in the manner intended,” he said.

Payette noted that the Chrome-based solutions are highly affordable for even cost-conscious hotels. “The Chrome-based Uniguest managed public-use computer, digital signage and video conferencing solutions are each highly disruptive as they’re significantly less expensive than other existing traditional solutions in the marketplace,” he noted. “And not only is the solution now less expensive, it’s even more attractive as it’s backed by Uniguest’s 24/7/365 technical support teams and other proprietary add-ons.”

Response, Payette said, has been remarkable but not unexpected. “When you marry high-demand technology with impregnable security, backed by an on-call technical support team and highly affordable entry points, you’ve created a high interest environment, from every segment of the hospitality industry,” he concluded.

Nicole Carlino