Tyme Global Opens Manhattan Hospitality Communications Hub

NEW YORK—Tyme Global LLC, a New York-based hospitality communications hub, has opened the doors to its Manhattan operations center. Tyme Global specializes in using the latest technology to significantly reduce front-office traffic, removing the burden for hotels to manage in-house PBX, in-room dining order taking, HOTSOS, valet or any other guest dispatch requests, according to the company.

Since opening the operations center, Tyme Global has been working with a five-star hotel which recently opened in Midtown Manhattan. Front-office desk call traffic has been reduced by 80% from day one, said Tyme Global, and the front-office manager noted, “We have worked with Tyme Global since we opened and are delighted with their professionalism and services. Our front desk is able to spend more time with our guests and less time answering calls.”

“Having an operations center based in Manhattan, staffed entirely by local hotel operations professionals, is absolutely key in helping to enable our clients to reduce their call traffic across the board,” stated Ryan Levin, CEO of Tyme Global. “Our recent attendance at the IMHRS also gave us a great opportunity to showcase our operations center to many national and international organizations, a great first step in forging relationships with operations managers across the country.”

Tyme Global’s partnerships with Maxsip and Guest Valet have also created an organization with a combined total of 40 years managerial experience in the hospitality industry, servicing over 400 hotels daily. Israel Max, owner of Maxip and co-founder of Tyme Global, stated, “Our voice service technology with PBX operator offering is a full service, cost-effective solution for hotels who want to focus on providing exceptional guest experience.”