Trump Chicago debuts the brand’s exclusive bedding

CHICAGO— When it opened in late January the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago had a particularly unique bed to offer its guests. Instead of selecting products already available, Trump International set out to develop an exclusive bedding package that would become the standard for future properties. According to Robert Prohaska, director of marketing at the 339-room Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, the decisions for the bedding came right from the Trump family. “They looked at many different beds because they wanted something luxurious and innovative like the Trump brand,” he said. The family collaborated with mattress company Stearns & Foster to create a signature mattress that would serve as the foundation for the bedding package at the hotel. “The Trump family wanted to select a brand that people recognized, especially as today’s travelers become more focused on the sleep experience. And Stearns & Foster has a reputation for innovative products and incorporating new technology into their beds,” said Prohaska. “We wanted to start with a great mattress because if that isn’t good you can put the finest linens on a bed and it won’t make a difference.” The result was the creation of the Trump by Stearns & Foster Plush Pillowtop mattress, and Prohaska explained a great deal of thought was put into every aspect of the mattress, starting with the layers. “Today, everyone is concerned about the number of layers in a mattress,” he said. Composed of fine materials, including silk and wool, the mattress also includes multiple layers of foam to provide adequate support. “The zoned foam layer is structured into individual squares to ensure one particular area will not lose its plush support,” Prohaska explained. When developing the bed, special attention was paid to the edges of the mattress because it is one of the first areas to show wear. “In a luxury hotel, you have to be extremely concerned with the beds not showing wear. On the edges of a mattress you can tell when one part of it is used more often because it begins to dip. In a hotel it usually only takes about a year for that to start to happen,” Prohaska said. The Trump mattress features a unique liquid-injected foam encased (LIFE) support system to keep the edges flexible, yet sturdy and durable. Completing the mattress is a steel box spring to help evenly distribute weight and absorb shock. With so much effort going into the mattress, Trump International wanted to make sure the top of the bedding package was as luxurious as the bottom, especially since that is what guests first see when they walk into a room. The company selected Italian linens from Bellino for the beds. “We have four layers of linen on each bed and they are 500-thread-count,” Prohaska said. The white duvet is double-wrapped in the sheets and the beds also include a lightweight waffle-patterned blanket. “Having layers is important because everyone has a different preference when they sleep,” Prohaska noted. “Some people want the multiple layers to be very warm, while other guests just like one layer to be cooler.” Prohaska explained that before making the final selection of linens, the hotel rigorously tested them to ensure they would withstand the laundering process. “We did a lot of trials— washing, drying and pressing the sheets to check if they were shrinking or if the color was bleeding. Most people don’t think white can bleed, but depending on the chemicals used in the washing process, a bright white can dull and fade. The linens really held up in the tests and now with the hotel having been open a few months they are holding up equally as well,” he said. “Once we selected the bedding we also had a full training program for the staff to make sure the linens are handled correctly.” Last, but not least, the beds at the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago feature four pillows as well as an elaborate pillow menu that includes pillows made of goose down and feathers in a variety of different sizes as well as a synthetic down alternative pillow. Both the feather and synthetic pillows are available in soft or firm densities. Additionally, the hotel also offers a menu of aromatic pillows in five different spa-inspired fragrances. The silk-wrapped pillows are made with herbal blends including Calm, which is a mix of sage, safflower and orange blossom; Balance, a blend of geranium, licorice and fennel; Purify, which features juniper, grapefruit and sandalwood; Heal, a mix of chamomile and lemongrass; and Revitalize, a blend of basil and rosemary. Completing the beds are three accent pillows, including a supportive bolster that coordinates with the décor of the guestroom. In the few months since its opening, the beds at the Trump Chicago have earned “fantastic” reviews from guests, according to Prohaska. “Guests always comment on the beds. Our guests have stayed at many other luxury properties, so it is wonderful hearing they love the bedding package here,” he said. The bedding package at the hotel will also be implemented at the new Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas when it opens later this year.