Tom Leonhard Named CEO of HRI Properties, LLC

NEW ORLEANS—Real estate developer HRI Properties, LLC has changed the roles of its owners, designating cofounder Pres Kabacoff as the chairman of the board and current president Tom Leonhard as both president and CEO. Eddie Boettner continues to serve as chief administrative officer.

“In 1982, when the late Edward B. Boettner and I formed HRI, we were a small company that began by revitalizing vacant historic buildings in the New Orleans Warehouse District. HRI Properties has grown into an important enterprise that employs nearly 2,000 people, operates in 16 states and has completed more than 70 large-scale projects totaling more than $2.5 billion,” said Kabacoff, the company’s largest shareholder.

He added, “Today, HRI is poised to become a key player in the national real estate market. Our growth and rapid expansion stresses the importance of clarifying roles so that our leadership team allocates duties and responsibilities that maximize our respective areas of strength. Tom Leonhard has earned national respect for his executive ability in building a disciplined organization, attracting top managerial talent, providing financial acumen and inspiring a tremendous esprit within HRI.” 

“Pres Kabacoff has played the central role in forging our mission to create diverse, vibrant and sustainable communities,” said Leonhard. “As chairman, he’ll continue leading efforts as HRI expands in top metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) around the country, including Portland, Minneapolis, Dallas, Nashville, Philadelphia, Miami and Chicago, to name a few. His national leadership in spearheading new projects remains pivotal to our success.”