This Hotel Innovation Will Win Over the Hearts of Your Guests and Your Staff

NATIONAL REPORT—It has been said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. This race to innovate has never been so true as it is today in the hospitality industry. Hotels are constantly scrambling to offer their guests the very latest innovations in order to attract the most discerning travelers. From keyless entry to mobile app check-in, hotels are digitizing nearly every aspect of their hotel operation, even offering e-concierge services direct from a guest’s phone.

Sure, digitized guest services are a fun offering and may be important to some guests, but don’t overlook the very basics of a great guest experience. All of the latest digital offerings will quickly be forgotten if your hotel guest uses the latest digital software to open their hotel room only to find bed bugs or another pest inside.

But, how can hotel management ensure a room is pest-free without incurring high pest management inspection fees and sacrifice room availability? Savvy hoteliers are taking their operations a step further by digitally monitoring their hotel rooms to prevent pests—like bed bugs. The power of IoT smart technology can help prevent guest/pest encounters in hotel rooms, or at the very least, make management aware of a problem before the guest does, allowing them to take prompt action.


An automated pest detection system can truly enhance guest satisfaction, protect a hotel’s reputation from guest/pest encounters and instill confidence in hoteliers that they are offering their guest a healthy, pest-free environment. Other benefits of automated digital pest detection is it’s green and eco-friendly, minimizing the use of pesticides, if they are necessary at all. Now hoteliers can confidently say they are putting technology to work to help ensure a clean, pest-free environment to hotel guests, an innovation surely worth bragging about.

If innovating your hotel is on the top of this year’s goals, then consider going beyond the obvious to truly enhance your hotel offerings with an automated insect detection and monitoring system. Delta Five automated insect detection system is a discreet smart device that works 24/7 to detect and monitor rooms for pests like bed bugs, beetles, silverfish, earwigs, ants, spiders, roaches, and more.  Learn more at:

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