The Priceline Group Names Glenn Fogel CEO

NORWALK, CT—The Priceline Group has named Glenn Fogel, the company’s current head of strategy and EVP of corporate development, as CEO of the company, effective Jan. 1, 2017. Current Interim CEO and non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Jeff Boyd, who served as the company’s CEO from 2002-2013, chairman of the board since 2013 and interim CEO since April of 2016, will assume the role of executive chairman of the board of directors.

“Glenn knows our global business inside and out, and he has been a key player in almost all of the major strategic initiatives for The Priceline Group over the last 16 years. He was a primary driver in key acquisitions including Active Hotels, and, which have created strong growth opportunities for the group and favorable returns for our shareholders,” said Boyd. “I have worked alongside him for 16 years, and I can attest to Glenn’s intimate knowledge of our people, our business models, our company culture and our changing business landscape, all critical attributes for the next leader of the group. I am confident Glenn is the right choice to lead the business through its next chapters, and I look forward to working with him.”

Fogel is a 16-year veteran of The Priceline Group, serving as head of strategy & planning since 2010 and EVP of corporate development since 2009. During his tenure, Fogel has been responsible for global corporate strategy, worldwide mergers and acquisitions, business development initiatives and strategic alliances.

Prior to joining The Priceline Group, Fogel worked in investment banking and asset management at various firms, including Morgan Stanley. The corporate development team that previously reported to Fogel will now report to the company’s CFO, Dan Finnegan.