The Eaton Chelsea, Toronto Hotel Selects New Revenue Management System

TORONTO—IdeaS Revenue Solutions has announced that the Eaton Chelsea, Toronto Hotel is implementing the IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS). Coinciding with the property’s new management under Langham Hospitality Group, the IDeaS RMS will serve as the hotel’s analytical tool for driving more accurate demand forecasting and revenue.

“Like other properties in the Langham portfolio, we decided to implement the IDeaS RMS in order to achieve a higher level of analysis regarding our rate strategies,” Ron Pellerine, general manager of Eaton Chelsea, Toronto, said in a statement. “Particularly amid our upcoming re-brand, the system’s advanced forecasting analytics and reporting capabilities will allow our staff to make more effective and profitable pricing decisions.”

Offering an automated approach to revenue management, the IDeaS RMS enables properties to more accurately and strategically optimize demand and increase revenue. By providing reliable, up-to-date information at revenue managers’ fingertips, the IDeaS RMS allows revenue managers to spend less time collecting data and more time developing optimal revenue strategies.