The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ Chatbot Wants to Get Intimate With Guests

LAS VEGAS—The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is constantly innovating to deliver experiences and services that woo its guests: 21 newly designed Boulevard Penthouses; a recently added Race & Sports Book and expanded high stakes gaming area; and that’s not all. Meet Rose: She’s witty, clever, will text you all the hotspots and… she’s a chatbot personality for the brand, enticing guests to explore the unexpected here.

“The Cosmopolitan set out to be intriguing, surprising and to evolve. That’s part of our core DNA since its inception. The new leadership and ownership have invested more into our resorts and are huge proponents of being trendsetters in the industry in terms of hospitality. That’s where you see growth in new rooms, new restaurant concepts, etc.,” said Mamie Peers, senior director of digital, social and e-commerce at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The brand developed Rose with the help of its digital marketing agency, R/GA Chicago.

“We aim to provide thoughtful, genuine service to our guests. As digital communications people, we thought, ‘How can we get more intimate with our guests and do so through a channel guests are comfortable with?’ Text messaging is one of those platforms—we thought she could be the witty and savvy reflection of the brand,” said Peers. “Guests are appreciating the easy and quick access to information and service that Rose has been able to provide.”

With roughly 3,000 rooms, more than 20 restaurants, on-site pools and nightclubs, as well as an eclectic art program, the brand sought to feature these distinctive experiences and provide a level of service in a nonstop 24/7 environment.

“She offers quite a bit of opportunities for guests to engage in many different ways. Like any chatbot, you type in ‘Rose’ and she can tell you what she does. An art tour is one of those things. There are several art tours, such as the Femme Fatale art tour for female-inspired art. Rose is an opt-in and no guest is required to use her. She responds to guests when they engage with her,” said Peers. “She’s playful. Once you text her, she’s quick witted and savvy. Everything she says feels like The Cosmopolitan. She is intriguing and inspires you to want more. Our slogan is ‘just the right amount of wrong.’ We encourage discovery and surprise at our restaurant and she is a reflection of that. She is the virtual VIP host and a reflection of everything we set out to be and to help people have a better time in Vegas.”

Named after Rose. Rabbit. Lie., an on-property modern take on the supper club concept, the new chatbot dares to entertain guests once prompted, said the company. It’s all an intentional part of the brand’s design and marketing.

“The team at R/GA Chicago are one of the best I had the pleasure of working with, and they are extremely at the forefront of technology innovation, marketing and business transformation. A core part of their DNA is to explore and constantly evolve with new technology,” she said. “They have a program where they incubate start-ups and provide a level of support through creating business plans and thinking through marketing and business strategy. They bring these companies to companies like us. R/GA helped us to bring The Cosmopolitan brand to life in this medium.”

Will there be more iterations of Rose? A cheeky chatbot named Fred, perhaps? It’s too soon to tell. Peers is certain more surprises await.

“This is the first of many great concepts that we’re considering. I would think that Rose is the evolution of The Cosmopolitan and one of our first steps toward many great innovations for our guests,” she said. “We’ve recently opened Zuma, a Japanese restaurant; the penthouses; and Milk Bar by Momofuku, which is an incredible and fun dessert bar. We have quite a few new additions to our programming coming soon.”