The Business of Selling Sleep

Flipping through the pages of this edition of Hotel Business, you can’t help but notice the number of bedding partners using our platform to reach lodging decision-makers. As one executive recently stated at a Hotel Business roundtable, “We are in the business of selling sleep.” We all talk so much about the importance of technology; we use the latest buzzwords like experiential and authentic to define brands— and, of course, there’s the need for out- lets anywhere and everywhere a guest may need to charge up. These are, indeed, all major components of today’s successful hotel; however, we can never lose sight of the most basic—and important—need our industry provides the guest: a good night’s sleep. I know for me, personally, I can forgive not having an outlet exactly where I want it. I can even get over internet-connection issues. But a poor night’s sleep due to an uncomfortable bed, and you have lost me as a customer.

If it is important to the guest, it is important to our industry. And wellness has become a major priority. When considering health and wellness, a fit- ness center is one of the options many hoteliers consider investing in. While I personally appreciate a nice gym while traveling and feel this is an important component of the stay, not all guests will use it. However, 100% of guests will have six to eight hours of inter- action with the hotel bed. Wellness starts with good sleep. The experience doesn’t end with a quality mattress. Bedding, pillows and mattress-protection all add to the sleep experience. Hypoallergenic fiber, moisture and temperature control all help to create healthier sleep.

Bedding in our industry has come a long way since Barry Sternlicht introduced the Heavenly Bed—and business has gotten more complex since that time. Guests’ expectations continue

to increase and evolve, technology has changed the game dramatically, and there seems to be a new brand introduced every day that more finely targets a specific demographic and psychographic. The one thing that will never change is providing guests with that one basic, important need: a good night’s sleep. It’s not only beneficial to your guests’ wellness, but that of your business as well.