Teneo Hospitality Group Adds Six from The Dedica Anthology

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN—Teneo Hospitality Group, a global group sales organization, has expanded its portfolio of luxury, unaffiliated brands and international properties, adding six European hotels that now make up The Dedica Anthology collection. Each hotel is located in the heart of a legendary European city, from the canals of Venice to the beaches of Nice and the banks of the Danube. The new brand encompasses a collection of properties that have been renovated or are undergoing restoration, including the addition of state-of-the-art technology.

“These superb hotels are a magnificent addition to the Teneo portfolio, and to the growing number of exclusive brands we represent,” said Teneo President Mike Schugt. “Ideal for the incentive market and for executive meetings and corporate events, they represent the pinnacle of luxury and provide a singular experience of Europe, Old and New.”

The Dedica Anthology includes the following hotels:

  • Carlo IV, Prague: A neo-Renaissance property, the Carlo IV is close to the many attractions of Prague—Old Town, Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge and other historic sites. The property houses an expansive spa in the subterranean vault, with a 65-ft. heated pool and pool facilities, as well as a modern and well-equipped fitness studio. It offers 152 guestrooms and more than 19,000 sq. ft. of meeting and event space.
  • Hotel Plaza, Nice: A French Riviera landmark since 1850, this hotel is undergoing an expansive renovation and will reopen in May 2020. It will offer 153 guestrooms and more than 3,894 sq. ft. of meeting and event space.
  • The New York Palace, Budapest: Built in 1894 and now restored to its original brilliance, this palatial property on the banks of the Danube is once again a hub of Budapest’s vibrant lifestyle. It offers 185 guestrooms and 22,701 sq. ft. of meeting and event space.
  • Palazzo Naiadi, Rome: Set in the heart of Rome, an example of 19th century Neoclassical architecture, Palazzo Naiadi offers panoramic views of the Roman skyline and magnificent fountains and ancient ruins below. It has 238 guestrooms and more than 17,000 sq. ft. of meeting and event space.
  • Grand Hotel dei Dogi, Venice: Dating from the 17th century, this hotel is a gondola ride away from the city’s acclaimed museums, galleries and boutiques. The past is present in the hotel’s private gardens, one of the largest in Venice, where once the fabled Doges of Venice walked. It has 64 guestrooms and more than 2,958 sq. ft. of meeting and event space.
  • Palazzo Gaddi, Florence: This Renaissance palace is currently closed for a transformative renovation that will carefully restore its Florentine architecture, authentic paintings, sculptures, furnishings and frescoes. Reopening in March 2020, Palazzo Gaddi will offer 86 guestrooms and more than 3,894 sq. ft. of meeting and event space.