Teleste and Samsung Use EPG to Improve Smart Hotel TVs

TURKU, FINLAND—Samsung Electronics and Teleste, an international technology group, have developed a specialized solution for Samsung Smart hotel TVs that provides remote management of interactive TV content and delivers customized viewing options to hundreds of guestrooms. The technology enables the delivery of EPG (electronic program guide) information directly from the Teleste Luminato headend to Samsung’s Lynk Sinc. This will allow hotels and hospitality operators to provide up-to-date EPG information to in-room TVs, according to Teleste.

“When looking at how to improve the guest experience, the television remains one of the key elements in the hotel room. Investing in premium TV services is essential as hotels look to elevate the guest entertainment experience and create new revenue streams,” said Jonathan Rigby, Teleste Corporation’s director of hospitality and AV solutions.

The Luminato EPG to Samsung Lync Sinc solution allows guests to locate and use program content through their in-room TVs. According to Teleste, this technology provides hotel and hospitality operators with several benefits, including rich EPG information, which allows operators to control the playout rate and schedule, and also to define languages in the order of priority for the EPG stream; flexible access to variety of EPG data sources, including satellite, cable, terrestrial, Internet and XML connections; and reliable service with an average success rate of nearly 99.7% across thousands of global devices.

The Luminato EPG module includes a storage database that houses the electronic program information. This feature helps reduce services outages, as it makes data available regardless of the availability of the external EPG service, according to Teleste.