Survey Reveals New Luxury Travel Trends

LONDON—A recent survey conducted by Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) has identified new luxury travel trends including preferred destinations and expenditures. More than 800 SLH customers worldwide were queried for the study, which discloses the recent progression of the consumption of luxury.  

Of SLH consumers surveyed, the large majority of respondents reported that for the past five years, their consumption of luxury products has risen most significantly in the travel (62%), technology (62%) and food and drink (60%) sectors. The consumption of luxury health and beauty products has also increased, but in a less significant manner overall (51%).   

Regarding favorite luxury destinations, the Maldives achieved the top spot (13%), followed by Italian and French destinations (12% and 11% respectively).  A secluded beach resort is the most popular idea of a luxury holiday, chosen by 43% of respondents.

Beaches have less appeal for Latin Americans, however, with the majority opting for a state-of-the-art city center hotel (36% compared to an average of 16%). Eco lodges are popular with respondents from the U.S. with almost a third choosing this as their preferred option compared to an average of 14%.