Survey Reveals Millennials Most Likely to Indulge in Luxury Hotel Services

WILMINGTON, DE—A new survey released by Chase Card Services reveals that millennials are more likely than older travelers to seek out hotels with luxury services such as dry cleaning (32%), massage or spa services (30%) and pet-friendliness (23%). The survey also shows millennial travelers are more likely to say it’s a “deal breaker” if a hotel is not near public transportation (19%).

“Millennials are a tech-savvy generation that values social connections, convenience and opportunities to indulge in luxuries,” stated Sisy Vicente, general manager, Chase Card Services. “This is a generation of travelers that clearly sees the benefit of travel rewards, such as those that come with Elite status in reward programs.”

The nationwide phone survey commissioned by Chase Card Services reached 1,002 travelers (18-67 years old) who stay in a hotel at least five nights per year for business, pleasure or both. Below are some of the key findings from the survey:

Millennial travelers want to make connections—both in-person and via social networks:

  • Millennial travelers are more likely than other travelers to want to meet other people staying at their hotel (57%).
  • Millennial travelers are more likely (44%) than older travelers ages 35-49 (28%) and ages 50-67 (11%) to seek opinions via social media while researching a prospective vacation.
  • Despite having a desire to unplug when staying at a hotel, nearly all millennial travelers post on social networks and share experiences with friends while traveling (97%).
  • Three in four millennial travelers post to social networks at least once a day while traveling (73%).

Millennials look for hotels with conveniences and luxury services:

  • Millennial travelers (48%) are more likely to say that indulging in luxury services best describes their attitude toward staying in hotels. In contrast, older travelers ages 50-67 are more likely to say that keeping within a budget (72%) best describes their hotel preferences.
  • Millennial travelers (19%) are more likely to say it’s a deal breaker if a hotel is not near public transportation. Older travelers ages 50-67 prioritize a hotel’s location to landmarks or an airport (42%).

When it comes to travel rewards, millennials prefer status:

  • Millennials are twice as likely (18%) than older travelers ages 35-49 (6%) and ages 50-67 (4%) to prefer Elite status as a benefit from their travel rewards program.
  • Among travelers in general, women prefer travel rewards in the form of free flights or nights at a hotel (49% women vs. 37% men) while men are somewhat more interested in points to redeem for travel-related items (35% men vs. 27% women).

“The survey also shows that when traveling for business, four in five millennial travelers will extend their trip to include a personal vacation,” added Vicente. “By using the right rewards credit card, consumers can earn accelerated points for the travel they are already doing and put them towards their next vacation.”

To align with the unique needs and preferences of the growing segment of millennial travelers, Chase offers its Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card, which lets travelers earn accelerated Marriott Reward points on all purchases, accumulate free night stays and receive automatic Silver Elite Status once they become a cardholder. The card’s $85 annual fee is waived the first year and also offers EMV chip-and-signature technology, charges no foreign transaction fees and comes with a variety of travel benefits.