Study: Cordless Vacuums Clean Faster, Increase Efficiency

CHARLOTTE, NC—When it comes to turning over hotel rooms, time is money. Solid productivity is a must, and using the right type of cleaning equipment can help hoteliers squeeze more value out of the day. A time-and-motion study conducted by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences revealed that the use of a cordless upright vacuum enabled participants to clean up to five times faster than a corded upright vacuum.

“Cordless commercial vacuums are the future of cleaning,” said Dave Frank, CEO, American Institute for Cleaning Sciences. “This groundbreaking innovation helps contract cleaners and in-house operators streamline their processes to help improve efficiencies and reduce costs due to asset damage and workers comp claims due to slips, trips and falls.”

“We know the purchase of cleaning equipment is an investment for the end user. They need the right tools for the job, and being equipped with data helps them to make an informed decision for their business,” said Stephanie Mitchell, marketing director, commercial cleaning, TTI Floor Care North America, who commissioned the study. “This practical time-and-motion study validates that cordless technology yields an increase in productivity, which will have a positive impact on their business.”

TTI’s family of brands includes Hoover, Dirt Devil/Royal and Oreck. The company’s newest product, Hushtone Cordless Upright Vacuum, was found to clean up to five times faster than a traditional cordless upright in the study. Additionally, cleaning workers stated they preferred using the cordless upright vacuum for cleaning hallways and office cubicles compared to a traditional corded upright vacuum.

“Power cord management—which includes moving the cord and having the cord laying on the ground for people to potentially trip over—outlet discovery and untangling the cord from doorjambs and partitions can decrease productivity,” said Mitchell. “With this freedom of movement, crews can clean more space in less time.”

There are benefits to cutting the cord, so to speak. Cordless vacuums free up movement, allowing workers to move in efficient cleaning patterns and the costs of wear and tear may be reduced, as workers are no longer yanking cords out of outlets. Safety is also a consideration in the use of vacuums, and opting to go cordless may lead to fewer trips and falls.

“Cordless upright vacuums are relatively new to the commercial cleaning space. We are seeing a shift overall to cordless technology as a result of its benefits,” she said. “For hotels in particular, there is a strong interest to implement cordless cleaning products for common areas such as lobbies, conference areas, corridors and banquet facilities. The benefits of productivity and safety can be quickly realized when used in these areas. We believe that as adoption in these spaces takes hold, it will translate into guestrooms as well.”