(the year the TWA terminal originally opened)

Spider-Man comic debuts

Barbie gets her first-ever Dream House

John Glenn orbits the Earth

Marilyn Monroe serenades President Kennedy

12 miles from Midtown Manhattan

1,600-person capacity in the event and conference center

10,000 projected daily customers

2,000+ artifacts accessioned for exhibition

440 uniform pieces and 43 TWA David Klein posters on display

 1,300 flights daily

20,000 daily 3+ hour layovers

160,000 daily travelers

5th busiest airport in the U.S.


TWA Hotel by the numbers

12 miles of LED lighting

33 staircases

35 trades working on-site

52 subcontractors

174 firms working on the project

450+ construction workers per day

 1,000 cu. yds. of concrete poured for
Connie’s “tarmac”

 3,000 construction jobs created

20,000 sq. ft. of new penny tile installed

74,000 cu. ft. of sand donated by TWA Hotel to the National Park Service for Spring Creek Park

600,000 sq. ft. of project space