VRF Provides Efficient, Reliable Comfort for Hotel Guests and Staff

NATIONAL REPORT—When it comes to hospitality, comfort is everything. It’s the first thing guests notice and the first thing they complain about if they’re not happy. It’s important to have a heating and cooling system that is not only reliable, but energy efficient. VRF systems and INVERTER-compressor technology can provide efficient and personalized comfort that will keep guests comfortable and the hotel staff happy.

Hotels have a lot of people to please and a variety of areas to control. From guestrooms to lobbies to event areas and fitness areas, each space has its own unique demands, which is why VRF zoning systems are the perfect solution. VRF systems provide a multitude of benefits for your hotel:

  • Easily customize each area to provide tailored comfort
  • Individual zones controlled independently by guests or staff
  • Simultaneous cooling and heating
  • Optimum set points and operation scheduling
  • Highly accurate zone control; indoor units and controllers that sense temperature, humidity, lighting and occupancy
  • Quiet operation
  • More unobtrusive than traditional systems

VRF is a great space saving solution for your hotel, compared to traditional systems. That’s because modular system design can eliminate the need for mechanical rooms and bulky equipment on hotel rooftops. Compact indoor and outdoor units are also perfect for tighter, smaller spaces.

VRF ductwork is also lower profile than traditional systems. With much shorter runs of ductwork used, VRF refrigerant lines save a lot of valuable space. Plus, wall-mounted and floor-mounted units require no ceiling space, creating more room for higher ceilings or larger windows. Having more space is a beautiful thing.

VRF zoning systems are designed to provide comfort without getting in the way. They operate quietly to avoid potential guest or staff complaints and are available in a variety of highly compact indoor and outdoor units, perfect for fitting into whatever your space requires.

Energy efficient systems with INVERTER compressors use minimal energy to maintain comfort levels while adjusting to partial-load conditions, which occur most of the time. Sensors monitor occupancy for Demand Control Ventilation and other energy-saving equipment operations. VRF systems with water-source condensing units can take advantage of the existing water loop system to provide more efficient cooling and heating. With little space required, these units are compact and can be located conveniently in the existing building envelope. Some VRF systems can also simultaneously cool and heat by recovering heat energy that would normally be rejected into the condensing water loop.

In the hospitality industry, comfort should always be one of your top priorities. A VRF system is a great way to provide efficient, reliable and personalized comfort to hotel guests and staff. Learn more about VRF at MitsubishiPro.com.