SONNY+ASH Rebrands With New Name

CHICAGO—Studio Rendering Inc. has rebranded with a new name: SONNY+ASH.

“We wanted to rename the company so that it was indicative of the range of services we currently offer: computer generated illustrations (CGI), animation, interactive (360 VR), photography, branding and environmental graphics. Instead of playing off these many capabilities we offer and in an effort to also make it easier for our clients to find us, we took a lead from our clients, many of who frequently rely on our names to identify us, Sonny and Ash,” said Sonny Sultani, CEO.

“In our attempt to help our clients portray an authentic representation of their design narrative, we realized that a rendering was a good solution; however it was not always the absolute fit for every design story,” said Sultani.

“Throughout the past nine years, we have built relationships with leading, global designers, and developers, to communicate their design intentions through CGI.  Working closely with our clients we realized that the design story carried over to multiple disciplines. Organically, we were working with our clients in interactive and immersive experiences, photography, branding, and environmental graphics.  With the new name change, we embrace our evolution and strengthen our ground as a creative agency,” said Ash, chief creative officer of SONNY+ASH.

Based here, SONNY+ASH has been developing and providing solutions for the hospitality design, real estate development, senior living, and student housing segments since 2006. SONNY+ASH is also home to SEED, an in-studio incubator where new market segments are explored and defined.

“In renaming ourselves, we wanted our name to better represent the sense of creativity and innovative approach that has become the culture of the company,” added Sultani.  But most of all, we wanted to re-name the company something easy for our clients to remember.”