SONIFI Solutions Opens Silicon Valley Innovation Lab

MENLO PARK, CA—SONIFI Solutions has forged a strategic investment in the creation of a technology innovation lab, located here in Silicon Valley, with the focus of designing, developing and testing next-generation solutions for the hospitality industry.

“SONIFI is committed to leading the future of entertainment and services solutions for hospitality,” said Mike Ribero, CEO of SONIFI Solutions. “Today, we take another step forward in solidifying our position as the industry leader by investing in a Silicon Valley innovation lab focused on the future of hotel guest experiences.”

Ribero added, “SONIFI understands the challenges hotels face today with rapid advancements in technology and ever-changing expectations of the hotel guest. The lab will allow us to assess existing technology, and develop and test solutions in collaboration with our partners. SONIFI is poised to help our customers leapfrog legacy systems for increased guest satisfaction and engagement.”

SONIFI’s innovation lab will be staffed with experts across the technology and hospitality ecosystem.

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