SO/ Hotels & Resorts Intros SO/ Wellness Experience

PARIS—SO/ Hotels & Resorts has launched a new wellness program designed for its adventurous and stylish guests and socializers. The new SO/ Wellness Experience is now available at SO/ Vienna, one of the brand’s most avant-garde properties, where the program concepts are being piloted in advance of a future global rollout.

“The new SO/ Wellness experience seeks to bring nourishment and well-being to our jet-setting guests who live fast and like to showcase their attitude. We’ve created fun and creative ways to restore energy, so that guests can continue their pursuit of a have-it-all lifestyle, complete with a reset button,” said Aldina Duarte Ramos, global director of well-being, Accor. “Every facet of the SO/ Wellness concept—from recipes to amenities—was creatively designed to suit the unique personality of the SO/ brand and the interests of our guests. This means elements are playful, stylish, balanced and effective.”

One of the exclusive partners of the SO/ SPA is /skin regimen/. With the mantra of “fast living, slow aging,” this modern skincare line is ideal for travelers, urbanites and those with a fast-paced lifestyle and stressed-out skin, according to the company. Modern plant chemistry formulas counteract the effects of toxins, pollution and lifestyle aging.

Every SO/ location will also feature a distinct experimental spa treatment inspired by the destination and local hotel story. At SO/ Vienna guests can enjoy its ‘Legally Stoned’ treatment, which combines specific massage movements with the effectiveness of Austrian Amethyst crystals to provide a holistic sense of calm for body and mind, restoring inner balance and strength.

Another key element of the SO/ Wellness Experience is the Cleanse & Crave concept. Examples might include a detoxifying juice shot before a spa treatment and a mojito shot after. At breakfast, a guest might opt for the ‘cleanse’ choice of oatmeal gluten-free pancakes or the ‘crave’ choice of creamy buttermilk pancakes.

“Wherever guests wander through the hotel, a Cleanse & Crave option is there,” said Peter Katusak-Huzsvar, GM of SO/ Vienna. “Health meets hedonism, self-control meets self-care, nourishment meets indulgence. We understand the dichotomy of our guests’ lives and with SO/ Wellness at SO/ Vienna, achieving balance is never boring.”

This approach to holistic wellness is found on the menus at SO/ Vienna as well. Menus feature Bowls for the Soul, designed by the culinary team to optimize taste and nutrition, including vegan options. In other locations, guests might also be able to build their own bowls with seasonal, wholesome and even a few naughty-but-nice ingredients.

The SO/ Wellness initiative would not be complete without a fitness program. One example is the Deep Beats Yoga, a sound-immersive experience that combines dynamic vinyasa and power flow yoga sets alongside invigorating soundtracks played through Bluetooth headsets.

In the lobby, guests arriving will encounter the showpiece of the new SO/ Wellness program: The Glow Bar. This pop-up spa concept is entirely encased within a glowing cube and offers express spa, massage and beauty treatments.

The SO/ Reset Turndown Service provides a final touch. With the Cleanse & Crave concept in play, suite guests are treated to a skincare amenity by /skin regimen/ and a light bite to inspire sweet dreams and a replenishing, deep sleep, according to the brand.

“SO/ hotels are vibrant places to see and to be seen at,” added Joao Rocco, VP, luxury brand management, SO/. “We are confident that the new SO/ Wellness program will contribute a powerful boost to the energy, style and sophistication of each hotel within this fast-growing global brand.”