SmarTV Introduces Set-Top Box and Mobile Device Charger

WESTERVILLE, OH—SmarTV Company, LLC has introduced its new STB-1000 Set-Top Box and MDC-1000 Mobile Device Charger hardware products for the GuestSmarTV experience and engagement platform.

The devices allow hoteliers to place more technology in their rooms with fewer devices as well as decreasing technology costs while enhancing the guest experience, according to the company.

The STB-1000 Set-Top Box has four on-board USB ports, an MPI adapter and a managed Ethernet switch. The USB 2.0 ports connect USB devices for room control and other USB services. The MPI adapter directly connects to and controls guestroom TVs from various manufacturers.  The 3-port managed Ethernet switch can simultaneously support a Wireless Access Point, VoIP phone and a wired Ethernet connection to any location in the guestroom.

The DVR option allows the viewing of one HD channel while recording up to three other HD channels simultaneously. It includes 500GB of hard-drive storage for recordings. 

For hotels with COAX infrastructure, the STB-1000’s cable modem option works with IP-over-COAX head-end equipment to deliver HDTV, Pay-Per-View, Over-The-Top internet and IP-based interactive guest services such as folio, check-in/check-out and reservations.

With its mobile device pairing capability, the STB-1000 makes it possible for guests to use their mobile devices to stream media from Internet streaming providers and subscription-based services such as Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN and HBOGo as well as other content streaming apps.  In addition, the STB-1000’s Power Save feature provides configurable power-saving modes to reduce consumption by 80 – 90% (to as little as 1 watt) when demand is low.

The MDC-1000 Mobile Device charging station provides both wired and wireless charging for up to three mobile devices at the same time. The MDC-1000’s two on-board USB charging ports quick-charge mobile devices via their native USB charging cables. Qi wireless inductive technology allows the MDC-1000 to wirelessly charge any Qi-enabled mobile device. The device has to be placed vertically or horizontally on the stand to be charged.

For enhanced security, when used in tandem with the SmarTV hospitality software and STB-1000 Set-Top Box, the patent-pending MDC-1000 awareness feature will notify the STB-1000 if it’s removed from the room and even make staff aware of the move, according to the company.

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