Smart Business: Increased Productivity with the Right Vacuum

NATIONAL REPORT—Productivity equals profitability in the hotel cleaning industry. Labor can account for up to 90% of cleaning costs. According to an American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (AICS) study, each cleaning staff member vacuums between one and three hours per day.

Proper equipment plays an important role. Several vacuum features bring more efficiency to the workplace:

Maneuverability: Reach tough areas, increase speed and safety.

Ergonomic Design: Less physical stress, potential of fewer lost workdays.

Durability: Reduce downtime, cut the cost of owning.

Ease of Maintenance: Less interruptions for seamless cleaning.

Choosing a vacuum depends on your demands: For vacuuming large conference rooms, maintaining hallways, for quick touch-ups at restaurants or in guestrooms, you have powerful options.


Without bothersome cords, crews don’t have to continually look for outlets when vacuuming. Instead, they can focus on cleaning, which can save time and, consequently, money.

And safety increases with cordless vacuums; cords are a common cause of trips and falls.

Corded vacuums can be impractical for quick touch-ups. The lightweight performance of a cordless vacuum lets crews jump right in. Check-in areas, lobbies and restaurants demand this quick, round-the-clock cleaning.

For cleaning professionals looking to increase productivity, the new Sanitaire® QUICKBOOST™ Cordless Upright has less than 70 DBA for 24/7 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-qualified cleaning.


Backpack vacuums offer extra efficiency for hotel cleaning. They’re portable, comfortable and fast. In small spaces, for reaching under beds and cleaning multiple levels, a backpack vacuum is ideal. In AICS testing, they cleaned faster than uprights, especially in obstructed areas.

They also reduce strain while cleaning stairs, draperies and other above-the-floor areas. Work is demanding. It’s crucial to help crews avoid fatigue. The physical stress of maneuvering in small spaces can be greatly reduced with a backpack vacuum.

Those designed with metals like magnesium and new plastics reduce weight. They’re easy to maintain and maneuver, often with special features to do jobs other vacuums can’t.

When choosing a backpack vacuum, look for a large-capacity bag and a 50-ft. pigtail cord for wide-range cleaning and quick changes. Make sure it has tools for multiple surfaces. A good choice is the Sanitaire® TRANSPORT™ QuietClean® Backpack Vacuum. At under 12 pounds, it has a comfortable harness for effortless efficiency. It cleans quietly and efficiently, helping hotels lower energy costs while maintaining LEED certifications.


For expansive areas, using the wrong vacuum can cost your hotel time and money.

Enter wide area vacuums. Their broad paths can increase efficiency compared to a standard vacuum. They are built for ease — with walk-behind design and ergonomic handles. Look for models with numerous height setting options and easy-to-change, rugged brush rolls.

Opt for a wide area vacuum with a 28-in. cleaning path and seven-gallon dust bag. A 60-ft. cord allows more freedom of movement. A great option is the SPAN™ Wide Track® Vacuum from Sanitaire. It features squeeze-grip power handles for intuitive operation and five height settings. It delivers an exceptional cleaning experience backed by Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) certification.

Increasing productivity starts with choosing the best vacuum, one that fits unique hotel demands. Consider one or more of these vacuums to deliver an exceptional clean, build up the satisfaction of your crew and increase your bottom line.

Brad Hoare, senior product manager with Sanitaire

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