Shift4 and Maestro PMS Partner on EMV Solution

LAS VEGAS—Payment gateway provider Shift4 Corporation and Maestro PMS, an enterprise property management hotel software suite, have made available their joint EMV-certified solution for hoteliers.

Dave Oder, CEO, Shift4, said, “Some service providers have forced merchants into EMV implementations that required them to adjust their infrastructure and business practices. Shift4 is proud to partner with Maestro to offer a solution that instead fits EMV within the merchant’s current operations, specifically for hospitality. In addition to the improved card verification that EMV offers at physical points of sale, hoteliers can truly secure their enterprise with Shift4’s tokenization and point-to-point encryption technologies, which are included in every EMV-certified integration we offer.”

EMV helps prevent instances of card-present fraud at physical points of sale. With Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET and Maestro PMS, hoteliers can process EMV payments while adding point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization. This keeps sensitive cardholder data out of the hotel environment, greatly reducing hoteliers’ breach profile and PCI scope and protecting their guests’ payment data from hackers, said the company.

Shift4 currently supports a dozen EMV-capable terminals by Ingenico Group and Verifone, with options for USB, serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The company is currently certified for EMV with eight major processors in the U.S. and Canada with more on the way.