Shape-Shifting the Industry to Drive Revenue, Maintain Parity

LONDON—It’s a delicate dance, staying in rate parity with OTAs while maximizing revenue, and Best Western Hotels & Resorts has found a new partner: OTA Insight. The global hotel company has chosen OTA Insight to employ its hospitality revenue maximization technology solutions.

Based in London, OTA Insight got its start five years ago when the company’s three founders—Adriaan Coppens, Gino Engels and Matthias Geeroms—began working on a solution to provide intuitive and leading-edge hotel revenue management technology. They started with the data.

“Adriaan used to work for an investment bank on digitalization, and he came up with the concept to use all of hospitality’s big data in a dashboard solution that would make hoteliers a lot more money,” said Engels, co-founder and CCO, OTA Insight. “They can look at what’s happening in the market and take some easy actions. All of the data we’re collecting is with proprietary technology. We’ve shape-shifted the industry. We are coming from outside the industry with a technology background, focusing on making efficiencies, collecting data and making it available for a big audience—not just those with big budgets. We make information readily available for everyone who wants to be serious about generating more revenue.”

Today, OTA Insight has 16,000 partners in 134 countries—and counts Best Western among them, as well as hospitality powerhouses Marriott, Hilton and Carlson Rezidor.

“Best Western was looking for a partner in this…and the best way to drive down the cost of acquisition is getting them to book direct. Of course, the challenge there is meta search and OTAs are competing heavily to get guests to book via Trivago, TripAdvisor, etc.,” said Engels. “Best Western wanted a provider that could monitor in an area of the world where guests would get the best price. We started the conversation last year and looked at the scope of project and how we could facilitate. The whole Best Western team in Phoenix with their global portfolio could see what was priced across all the different online channels and, if there were discrepancies, how we can help them rectify those discrepancies in pricing availability online.”

A few months in, both sides are pleased with the partnership so far.

“After considering various alternatives, Best Western determined that OTA Insight was in a unique position to provide visibility into all of our key distribution channels, which is paramount in the brand’s efforts to improve rate parity,” said Monte Gardiner, managing director of revenue management, Best Western. “OTA Insight has proven itself to be a very responsive business partner. The company has proactively brought solutions to the relationship, actively collaborating with Best Western on a number of pressing business challenges. With respect to rate parity, we have achieved tremendous success together, and Best Western has great confidence in OTA Insight’s continued ability to provide timely and relevant business solutions.”

Engels added, “We’re a few months into the partnership and we’re seeing improvements in terms of hotels being in line with producing pricing across all digital channels, which makes it better for the consumer and gives confidence back to hotel guests.”