SHA Wellness Clinic Expands to Mexico, UAE

ALICANTE, SPAIN—After 11 years with its current location in Spain, an international expansion for SHA Wellness Clinic is well underway, with new locations planned for Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

“Our mission has always been to help people live longer and better, so we are excited to bring our innovative offerings to new markets around the world to provide easier access for all our guests,” said Alejandro Bataller, VP, SHA Wellness Clinic, based here. “SHA is a life-transforming experience, where guests begin to understand health not just as the absence of disease, but as an optimal state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being in harmony with the environment.”

Created by the Bataller family in 2008, SHA found itself at a crossroads in the health and wellness category. Ready to share the wellness facility’s secret to success with a broader audience, the SHA team reviewed proposals for locations to replicate their wellness concept. SHA selected Quintana Roo, Mexico, set to open in 2021, and the recently announced Al Jurf, United Arab Emirates, which is slated to open in 2023.

“We evaluated many proposals on the location, but after an in-depth analysis of Mexico’s climate, environment and access to clinical resources, we determined it to be the right location to begin our expansion,” said Bataller. “At the time of developing the project and defining the architecture, we were clear that nature has an important role in our physical and mental well-being; that is why all the facilities will have large windows that allow the passage of natural light and integrate the exterior with the interior, with gardens and fountains, respecting the natural environment, which helps the guest feel free despite being in the same place for several days.

Mexico has several wellness offerings available, which is why we’re excited to bring the SHA experience to incoming guests looking for a retreat that provides innovative treatments from top professionals,” he added. “SHA Mexico will become the main reference point for the health and wellness sector in North America due to its size, exclusivity and innovation and the offer of clinical services and wellness.”

Bataller credits the SHA method as the key to the company’s longevity.

“It brings together the latest advances in scientific medicine and the most effective natural therapies, giving special prominence to healthy and balanced nutrition,” he said. “In addition, we offer the most outstanding, internationally renowned experts in nutrition, preventive medicine, anti-aging, genetics, holistic medicine, regenerative medicine, revitalizing medicine, and many more.”

Creating an atmosphere of wellness, the SHA building will rise to different heights surrounded by gardens that integrate it into the surroundings.

“An organic and contemporary design aesthetic will permeate the wellness center, in which the spaces will flow perfectly from indoors to outdoors. It will have 100 suites and private residences, all with seafront views for guests to relax and enjoy,” he said. “In addition, staying true to our sustainability practices, we will minimize our environmental impact by using mostly natural construction materials and renewable energy sources. Marble, Mexican ceramics, wicker and native fabrics are some of the organic, natural and local materials that will be used in the construction and decor of the avant-garde wellness center.”

SHA recently announced another opening as part of its international expansion—SHA Emirates, opening in 2023. The wellness clinic will be located in a unique coastal ecosystem, halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, known as Al Jurf.

“This will be the first global integrative wellness brand in the Middle East. We are excited to see this location come to life as well and look forward to welcoming guests in a few years,” he said. “We want all of our guests to feel at ease when they walk into SHA. As the itineraries are personalized for each guest, they will have access to our incredible treatments, highlighting medical innovations, natural therapies and healthy nutrition provided at SHA. With a variety of programs to choose from, including our Healthy Aging Program and Detox program, there is something for everyone to achieve optimal health.”