Selina Opens Four Properties Across Its 13-Flag Portfolio

NEW YORK—Selina has 37 locations opening by the end of the year, including four new properties this month in Central and South America.

The expansion of the international Selina hotel concept will support four new sites this month in Jaco and La Fortuna, Costa Rica; Medellin, Colombia; and Antigua, Guatemala. In the near future, the affordable boutique hotel concept has plans to expand to the Caribbean and North America, including multiple flags in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Miami.

“Our continued expansion throughout Latin America and, soon, North America, is a strong affirmation of our foundational ethos, which has delivered exponential growth this year—with four new properties this month alone—and a total of 37 assets by the end of 2017,” said Yoav Gery, president of Selina. “This is proof of concept and also evidence that there has been a dearth in the marketplace that we are meeting in terms of an emotional appeal to a new breed of nomads. We are confident that Selina will quickly emerge to become the premier option for curious-minded global travelers at every income level.”

Selina offers a broad array of accommodations for various budgets, ranging $25 per night for a shared bunk room to $400 for an overnight stay in a luxury-level, private king suite. Other options include dorms and Tiki bungalows, varying by location.