Self Check-in Kiosks to Free Up Staff, Deliver Service in an Instant

ATLANTA—The pressure is on. If you’re a hotelier, you might actually feel it. The hospitality industry is increasingly pressed to deliver better service and more personal guest experiences, while maintaining an efficient guest flow and keeping costs under control. It’s a tall order. So, how do you keep all of the balls in the air? As leaders know all to well, you can’t do it alone.

“Interest in self-service solutions, as a result, has really taken off as few other options remain that can deliver the level of instant service and satisfaction that guests today seek,” said Jeff Councilman, COO, North America, Ariane Systems, a provider of self check-in/checkout technology for the hospitality industry. “Many who are traveling on tight schedules or after a lengthy journey, for example, indicate a strong desire to skip common hassles such as waiting in line to receive a room key, and just want to get to the part of enjoying their experience. Guests seek greater control in how they interact with a property’s services, which is exactly what we seek to provide.”

Ariane Systems’ guest check-in experience aims to capture loyalty, free up time for staff to interact with guests, as well as increase guest satisfaction. Founded in 2001, the company currently has implemented more than 3,000 installations in more than 25 countries.

“Our core services revolve around providing hotels with the ability to streamline their guest-facing operations, with platforms that include electronic kiosks, as well as mobile and web-based applications—all designed to take guest preferences and hotel resources into account,” said Councilman.

Hoteliers have heard it loud and clear, travelers want more control over their stay. They’re becoming more comfortable interacting, receiving services and customizing their stay on their own terms.

“It’s critical for hoteliers to implement the technologies and functionalities that enable them to keep their properties competitive. By offering advanced self-service check-in kiosks, properties can provide a cost-effective solution that drastically reduces the wait time that guests often encounter when arriving,” he said. “This not only leads to higher satisfaction scores and enhanced reputation, but also provides a way to reduce staff workloads and the ability to focus on enhancing service within other areas of the business.”  

For hoteliers that make the investment to implement these kiosks, the value-add is both qualitative and quantitative.

“Each of our solutions ultimately offers an alternative form of guest interaction that more suitably fits today’s busier lifestyles, and that relieves pressure on increasingly strained hotel resources. By leveraging either our kiosks or mobile and web-based applications, or a combination of both, hoteliers rely on our platforms to preserve or enhance their reputation by offering a consistently high standard of service, regardless of occupancy levels or the number of staff present at any given time,” he said. “Those looking for immediate ROI on their investment can find value in the ability to manage guest-facing operations with less resources, allowing hoteliers to save on labor costs or giving them the option of diverting often needed resources to other areas affecting guest satisfaction. “The upselling of rooms and offering add-on products and services during the check-in process—online or at kiosk—is more efficient and consistent with the use of self-service technology than traditional check-in. As a way of strengthening revenue, hoteliers can look to increasing numbers of bookings and return guests as a result of an enhanced market standing that comes from Ariane’s ability to improve guest experiences from the moment that they arrive.”