Rosewood Hotels & Resorts Launches Global Advertising Campaign

LOS ANGELES—Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has launched a global advertising campaign developed in partnership with Studio Dangin, a creative agency known for its collaborations with fashion, lifestyle, and fragrance brands, including Balenciaga, Balmain, Lancôme, Prada, Alexander Wang, and Vera Wang.

The new campaign reimagines Rosewood’s A Sense of Place philosophy while simultaneously positioning the luxury hotel group as an innovator of global style with a growing presence in Europe and Asia, according to the company. The campaign is comprised of photography and five short films that have “The Rosewood Regulars” at Rosewood’s newest property in Paris, Hôtel de Crillon. Shot by Pascal Dangin, CEO and chief creative officer at Studio Dangin, each photo and film depicts a story unfolding at the hotel, and is anchored by an adjective, evocative not only of the hotel but also of the brand—revolutionnaire (revolutionary), iconique (iconic), audacieux (audacious), diplomatique (diplomatic), and radical. Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain, and his friends are featured as “The Rosewood Regulars,” who are a group of musicians, fashionistas, families and culture mavens, that represent the brand’s clientele and today’s modern traveler.

In each scene, hotel associates blend into the narrative, yet play supporting roles in empowering guests to discover their personal journey and identity, according to the brand. From handing a guitar to a group of musicians to holding a door open for a departing guest, the staff are part of the moments of guest discovery.

Launching in September, the campaign encompasses print and digital advertisement placements in key global publications.