When in Roam, a Digital Concierge Comes in Handy

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—DigiMapps’ origin story is about evolution. Originally called Mapperarti, the company produced premium paper brochures for luxury hotels to distribute to guests, and as times changed, so did the company’s name and purpose. Now as DigiMapps, it’s about supplying digital publications for the millennial generation.

“Our core services are still to provide local recommendations and things to do, in addition to the traditional concierge service, providing an additional tool that the hotel can use to recommend attractions, restaurants, bars and nightlife to guests,” said Terry Fisher, founder and CEO, DigiMapps. “The need has been in existence for decades. Since the beginning of travel, hotel guests have needed advice and recommendations on how to navigate the area, places to eat and things to see. The need isn’t new, but the demand for digital was new. Travelers today don’t want paper—they want everything on their iPhone, and they want it immediately. DigiMapps was created to adapt to what the customers wanted.”

DigiMapps is working with luxury brands such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Regent Hotels & Resorts. These brands were using the company’s previous Mapperarti paper service, but have now expanded into the digital arena with DigiMapps. The company is also beginning to work with Marriott International and Hilton, and a much broader range of hotels, which may not have the paper service at all, explained Fisher.

The on-boarding process for hoteliers is simple: “Once the concierge or hotel management selects their recommendations, they can easily plug them on the backend,” said Fisher. “They can choose to have the DigiMapps on their hotel website or on the landing page for the hotel’s WiFi. These are two key distribution methods.”

Hotel concierges are known for their people skills and personalized customer service. However, for hotels without a physical concierge, Fisher believes DigiMapps can offer the convenience and luxury of a concierge without employing a new person—ideal for smaller, budget chains.

“Luxury hotels that already do have a physical concierge love DigiMapps because it allows them to expand their services to guests,” he said. “The concierge is able to put selections online, so that the hotel guest no longer has to wait in line at the concierge desk during regular business hours to see expert recommendations.”

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