Retreat at Kamalame Cay Encourages Self-Discovery

ANDROS, BAHAMAS—Bahamas resort Kamalame Cay is giving guests a chance to find inner wellness and peace in paradise. The private island resort continues its Silver Linings Retreats (SLR), focusing on individually tailored wellness programs. Whether client’s goals are to de-stress, kick-start a new fitness regime or prepare for a special event, the retreat can cater to any wellness need.

Founder and fitness expert, Chrissy Sundt, designs clients’ retreat schedules, curating each to fit a specific lifestyle and ensure optimal results. Prior to the retreat, clients consult with Sundt and explore the four pillars of wellness: movement, nourishment, rest and sleep. “If the client has been through a stressful episode and has adrenal fatigue, then we would advocate a gentle walk down the beach and an additional massage rather than a HIIT class, whereas a client who has a big event coming up and needs to be ‘red carpet’ ready would be taking the HIIT class along with a special nutrition plan to meet his or her needs,” Sundt said.

Kamalame Cay Spa Yoga

Kamalame Cay Spa Yoga

The June 2018 retreat takes place Jun. 1-15 and highlights yogi Stewart Gilchrist. Gilchrist’s classes combine breathing techniques, Vinyasa and philosophy, incorporating traditional yoga teachings along with more modern, original yoga styles. In addition, the retreat offers beach cardio, stretching and meditation sessions, massage therapy, Pilates and juice-making classes.

With a maximum of eight guests per retreat, not only does each guest get personal, individualized attention, but a chance to escape from everyday life and take in the surroundings during encouraged alone time.

“Location is everything and one of our commitments at SLR is to offer retreats in ‘magical places.’ Kamalame is an incredibly magical place with the most spectacular beaches and lush greenery. The moment clients arrive on the island they start to relax and unwind,” Sundt said. “There is a true sense of escape, and this is vital.  Because it is an island with WiFi available in only specific areas, we encourage a ‘digital detox,’ which is so essential these days.”

Led by David and Michael King-Hew, Sundt added that while the staff is always available and caters to clients’ every need, the guests will rarely see them. Clients are guided toward a path of “me time,” but can also reconnect with a partner or spend family time if retreating together.

Kamalame Cay

Kamalame Cay

And wellness doesn’t end after the retreat comes to a close. Kamalame Cay gives clients post-retreat support to continue their journey of self-discovery and health. “We stay in touch and share anything from playlists to juice recipes and will assist clients to find local studios and instructors, nutritionists or whatever they need to hang onto that post-retreat glow,” Sundt said. She also noted that many clients return to retreats to have a regular SLR reset.

“Kamalame is a magical place and provides a unique setting for our retreats. Classes take place on the decks at Kanopi House, which is the personal island home of the directors,” Sundt said. “They are amazing hosts and this means the retreats have a real ‘family’ feel. The Hew Family have built this island home with so much love, and you can really feel it.”


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