Report: WiFi, In-Room Fridge Among Top Guest Concerns

BELLEVUE, WA—Expedia and Northstar Research Partners recently released findings of a survey of 18,229 respondents across 23 countries to determine the best and worst of hotel (and air) etiquette. The results provide hotels with insights on how to maximize guest satisfaction and minimize traveler annoyances.

According to the findings, no free WiFi could equate to loss bookings and dissatisfied guests. Some 93% of global respondents claim it is somewhat or very important—and in the U.S., complimentary WiFi is the number-one reason to book a hotel, with 76% rating it as very important.

The second most appreciated amenity is an in-room fridge (78%), followed by complimentary toiletries (78%), freebies including WiFi, food and beverage and spa credits (75%) and having a bar/restaurant on premise (69%).

What drives someone to book a specific hotel? Not surprisingly, the study found it comes down to price, location and free WiFi, but nearly three out of four guests also look at star ratings, views, free parking and reviews as reasons to book.

  • Price: 95%
  • Location: 94%
  • Complimentary WiFi: 91% (top reason for U.S. travelers)
  • Room size: 81%
  • Star rating: 75%
  • Room with a view: 74%
  • Complimentary parking: 73%
  • Third-party reviews: 73%

On-site satisfaction is also well within a property’s control, especially when it comes to whether a guest will request a change of room. Dirty rooms are the number-one driver for this demand (87%), but noisy neighbors or common areas will also drive one out of every two guests to ask for a switch. The good news? According to the findings, poor views and elevator proximity rarely will displace a guest, with less than 10% of respondents finding that a priority.

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