Red Roof Inn Achieves One-Millionth RediCard Member

COLUMBUS, OH—Red Roof has enrolled its one millionth RediCard member, Princeton Rudert of Madison, WI.  

While the registrant earned a wealth of awards and bonuses including 1,000,000 bonus points (equivalent to 166 free room nights) and a party at the Inn where he was registered (complete with a cake, balloons and a celebration), the one-millionth registrant for RediCard indicates the growth of the brand’s loyalty program.

“The sign up of the one millionth RediCard member is a wider indicator of the success not only of the program but the Red Roof brand in the competitive economy lodging segment,” stated Marina MacDonald, SVP, Sales & Marketing Red Roof. “Reaching the one millionth RediCard member is such a milestone for us. It proves that RediCard has become an integral part of our guest experience and a shining star in our business and marketing strategies.”

Overall in the hotel industry, loyalty programs are more popular than ever. Membership has grown by 50% since 2007 according to hospitality research firm, Market Metrix. More than 40% of all travelers are members in one or more rewards program. Rewards program members are known to be more brand-loyal than non-members and also more likely to recommend a hotel to a friend or family member.

The Red Roof RediCard program allows guests to take advantage of membership perks year round including: express check-in, bottled water upon arrival and each night of their stay, reward points that never expire as long as guests continue to stay with Red Roof, a member-only toll-free reservation line, early notice and exclusive offers for RediCard members, online, member-only access to account information and a courtesy hold for late arrivals.


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