Radisson Bats 1,000 in Second Quarter

MINNEAPOLIS Radisson Hotels and Resorts reports that it added 1,085 rooms to its brand inventory in second quarter after opening seven properties. Four hotels are located in North America. They include: The Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, Merrimack, NH; Radisson Hotel Corpus Christi Beach, Corpus Christi, TX ; Radisson Casa Grand Hotel Chihuahua, and Radisson Casa Grande Juarez, both in Mexico. Three properties also opened in Europe: The Radisson SAS Hotel, Hanover, and Radisson SAS Resort Schloss Fleesensee, Gohren-Lebbin, Mecklenberg, both in Germany; and Radisson SAS Lazurnaya Peak Hotel, Sochi, Russia. The brand expects to make its foray into Venezuela in the third quarter. (8/16/00)