Quadriga Americas Introduced Following Integration with NXTV Brand

TORRANCE, CA—Quadriga Worldwide has completed its integration of the NXsystems business and has officially converted the NXSystems and NXTV brands into Quadriga Americas effective March 1, 2013.

This completes the company’s effort to align itself with its corporate hotel brands and their efforts to partner with a single technology partner to enhance the guest experience across multiple continents including the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia. 

NXTV has operated since 1999 when it installed the first IPTV system in a U.S. hotel. NXTV serves major hotel brands throughout the U.S. and Asia, including Four Seasons, The Atlantis and Rosen Hotels.

Quadriga Worldwide, based in the United Kingdom, purchased NXSystems and its assets in September 2011. The integration completes an 18-month process to integrate sales, marketing, finance and operations into Quadriga’s global operations under the Quadriga brand. 

“We are very excited about the future of our U.S. and global operations,” said Chris Sophinos, CEO of Quadriga Americas, in a statement. “Quadriga is keenly positioned to bring new services, business models and expertise to our hotel partners to help them expand their networks and guest services and better future-proof their operations. Our new Personal Media Network (PMN) mobile application is a prime example of our ability to think strategically when it comes to enabling new guest services that ride on an optimized network design.” The company introduced its PMN solution at Hitec 2012 in Baltimore, MD. PMN was jointly developed by Quadriga’s U.S. and EU teams.

Said Quadriga’s Group CEO Roger Taylor in a statement, “Quadriga and NXSystems share common traits of introducing industry firsts like IPTV and IP over coax solutions. Combining the skill sets of both companies and employing the best of the best will be a tremendous resource for our hotel partners. We look forward to sharing our combined efforts with our U.S. partners.” 

The formal name change of the company was effective March 1, but according to the company, customers will not be affected as it transitions communications during the next few months. 

“Each of our customers will receive correspondence from us outlining the specifics of the name change,” said Sophinos in a statement. “This will be a seamless transition that will enable us to enhance our products and services and better position our global Internet and network services, TV and mobile platforms, multimedia and content products and professional services, which are the core groups our global brand encompasses.”

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