Protect-A-Bed Continues Hospitality Expansion Into Dubai

DUBAI—Protect-A-Bed recently launched their bedding protection products in Dubai to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Professional Housekeepers Group at the Fairmont The Palm Hotel.

Protect-A-Bed representatives were on hand to discuss mattress protection concerns such as mattress hygiene, bed bug infestations and protecting guests from allergens.

Johan Bosman, director of international sales at Protect-A-Bed, demonstrated how Protect-A-Bed’s mattress protection products prevent liquids from staining a mattress by pouring coffee, red wine and orange juice directly on a mattress covered with a protector. He revealed a stain-free mattress at the end to members of the UAE Professional Housekeepers Group.

“Our products provide peace of mind,” Bosman said. “By using pillow, mattress and box spring encasements and protectors, hoteliers can protect and extend the life of their mattresses.”

Protect-A-Bed’s products have been purchased for all of the beds at several hotels in Dubai. “Our products are waterproof, easy to install, washable and are cool, quiet and comfortable to sleep on, protecting against bed bugs, incontinence, spills and pet damage,” Bosman said.



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