Porter24’s Digital Concierge Now Offers Selfies

SAN DIEGO—Porter24, a digital advertising company that provides hospitality solutions through an interactive touchscreen concierge service, has released its new selfie button that allows users to take photos that can be directly uploaded to their social media pages.

Implemented in hotels across San Diego, the touchscreen service is capable of providing different backdrops for each selfie, specifically tailored to each hotel’s local attractions. For instance, Hilton San Diego features backdrops from the local San Diego attractions, all of which include the hotel’s logo.

Free for hotels across the country, Porter24’s content management system (CMS) allows hotels to customize and update in real-time, allowing users to find local business deals, tourist attractions, local weather, track flights and see additional offerings on the hotel they are staying at. The software suggests top restaurants, nightlife, attractions, and exclusive deals that can be sent directly to a guest’s personal device.

Since implementation into local San Diego hotels, the selfie button has amassed more than a thousand selfie shares onto various social media platforms, according to the company.