Oxford Corporate and Duetto Partner

NEW YORK—Duetto is implementing its cloud-based revenue strategy solutions for Oxford Corporate, which owns and manages 18 hotels under the Oxford hotel, Oxford Suites, Oxford Inn and Cimarron Inn brands, in California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

A deep integration with property management system RoomKeyPMS enables Oxford to fully optimize revenue and easily analyze company-wide performance with Duetto’s GameChanger and ScoreBoard applications, according to the company.

“We anticipate an immediate return on investment through improved efficiencies in our pricing strategies. Real-time data collection and analysis will result in both better forecasting and a timely response to the pricing demands of our guests,” said Oxford Corporate CFO Kurt Stelk.

By adopting open pricing, the core element of Duetto’s GameChanger application, Oxford Corporate will now be able yield rates more rapidly and with greater flexibility, drawing on web shopping regrets and denials data to better measure price sensitivity, according to the company. ScoreBoard will enable Oxford Corporate to compile and centralize up-to-the-minute reports on performance data and forecasts, display custom reports in minutes and deliver big-picture insights across the entire company with one click.

“Oxford Corporate is committed to providing exceptional lodging to our guests at an affordable, competitive price,” said Susie Rossi, VP of revenue and training. “Open Pricing will allow us to optimize revenue across all channels, segments and room types, while ScoreBoard will save me hours a week by providing real-time forecasts and revenue reports.”