Outrigger Partners with Duetto

SAN FRANCISCO—Duetto has partnered with Outrigger Enterprises Group to implement its cloud-based revenue strategy solutions at seven Outrigger hotels, totaling close to 2,800 rooms.

The agreement will enable Outrigger hotels to fully optimize revenue and easily analyze company-wide performance with Duetto’s GameChanger and ScoreBoard applications, according to the company.

By adopting open pricing, the core element of Duetto’s GameChanger application, Outrigger will now be able to yield rates more rapidly and with greater flexibility, drawing on web shopping regrets and denials data to better measure price sensitivity, according to the company. ScoreBoard, the revenue intelligence application, will enable Outrigger to compile and centralize up-to-the-minute reports on performance and forecasts, display advanced data visualizations, and deliver actionable insights across the entire company with one click.

“We partnered with Duetto to optimize our revenue and business mix, allowing us to compete even more effectively in a highly competitive market,” said Paul Richardson, COO at Outrigger Enterprises Group. “It was important for us to partner with a company that has expansive hotel revenue strategy experience and one that positions us for the future. Open pricing will allow us to get the optimal price to our customers, while ScoreBoard will provide big-picture insights across the entire portfolio.”