Oracle Unveils Oracle’s Micros Workstation 6 POS Terminal

WASHINGTON, DC—Oracle has introduced Oracle’s Micros Workstation 6, a point-of-sales (POS) terminal designed to work with mobile, cloud and social media to deliver consistent, integrated content across multiple sources.

According to the company, Oracle’s Micros Workstation 6 is part of an integrated strategy built around content delivery, moving well beyond transactions to offer guest recommendations, roll out special promotions, and personalize the guest experience. The workstation is a single engagement device that shares digital content from a variety of sources with both staff members and guests, from sharing a training video with a new worker to helping a guest view a spa package or menu special being offered.

Oracle’s Micros Workstation 6 incorporates the design elements of mobile POS hardware to deliver a stationary engagement device with an attractive finish and small footprint, according to the company. It was designed to minimize the visual obstruction between guest and staff, and features a 15.6-in.-wide HD touchscreen. The mount allows staff to adjust the screen angle or swivel it around for a guest to view. 

Oracle’s Micros Workstation 6 operates the Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro system and runs the latest Intel Atom processor for high performance and low thermal output. A modular, integrated, three-track magnetic card reader allows for 3DES or AES encryption upon swiping. In addition, Oracle’s Micros Workstation 6 includes six USB ports, allowing users to attach peripherals such as printers, scanners and cash drawers.

The new workstation is designed to stand up to harsh, often unpredictable service environments and operates in a wide range of temperatures, according to the company. It features a spill- and impact-resistant enclosure and has no moving parts. The new terminal also leverages select Oracle Hospitality and Oracle Retail applications.