Oracle Introduces New Cloud Services for Hotels and Casinos

REDWOOD SHORES, CA—Oracle has introduced a cloud services version of its suite of hospitality solutions; this platform is designed to enable hotel and casino operators to better manage every aspect of their customer relationships and on-site operations, while simplifying IT infrastructure and deriving value faster, according to the company.

“To win in the highly competitive hotel industry, hotels need to deliver personalized guest experiences, increase operational efficiency and effectively manage distribution,” said Ray Carlin, VP of product strategy, Oracle Hospitality. “Oracle’s cloud-based solutions bring significant advantages in all these key areas, while at the same time streamlining on-premise IT management and offering enhanced application and data security built in.”

According to the company, Oracle OPERA Cloud streamlines and improves most aspects of hospitality management including delivering exceptional guest experiences; mobile-enabled hotel operations; maximizing occupancy and revenue; integrating food and beverage operations; and integrating with enterprise applications and property infrastructure.

With Oracle OPERA Cloud’s guest profiling capability, hotels can capture the guest preferences they need to personalize and differentiate the guest experience, according to the company. Oracle OPERA Cloud comes with pre-built integration to Oracle Hospitality Simphony, a point-of-sale solution for the food and beverage industries. Hotels can also utilize the Oracle Distribution Cloud, an add-on suite of services that allows hotels to manage room rates and allocate room inventory to various distribution channels.

Oracle OPERA Cloud runs on Oracle MICROS tablets and other leading tablets and smartphones. It also runs Oracle’s technology stack from applications to disk, with unprecedented security, high performance and availability, according to the company.

“Mobility has become a key competitive differentiator in the hotel industry. With the ability to access information instantly via mobile devices, guests now expect a very personalized mobile-enabled hospitality experience,” said Carlin.  “Oracle OPERA Cloud enables operators to quickly and cost-effectively make that vision a reality.”