OpenKey Mobile App Version 2.0 Adds Five New Features

DALLAS—OpenKey has released the OpenKey mobile app Version 2.0, which adds five new features and several enhancements.

OpenKey’s original app Version 1.0 launched last year with a simple user design and one main feature: opening a hotel room door. While this feature remains the main focus, users can now do more with these added capabilities: guests’ profile allows users to easily manage the check-in process and receive the digital key via mobile app; guests can call the front desk from their Room Informational Screen with the tap of a button; guests can now download the app before arriving, choose the hotel they have booked, and send the front desk their ETA, which enables the hotel to assign a room number before a guest arrives; guests can now process a secured ID capture; and the digital access system allows a front desk agent to manage the ETA guest.

“The expansion of features we are able to now offer with this version of the OpenKey app will help make traveling easier and smarter,” said Jon Alsup, lead project manager at OpenKey. “Our technology was developed specifically to make the travel experience simpler. Having an app that helps manage the check-in process and provide mobile access is what OpenKey 2.0 is intended to accomplish.”

OpenKey Version 2.0 is available to download in the iTunes and Google Play stores.